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Taking a Look at Today’s Real Estate Market

Various economist predict a 15% to 30% chance that a recession will hit the present housing market over the course of the next twelve months. A couple of contributing factors for the expected recession may include heightened consumer credit card usage and corporate debt. As a result, the turn of events may inadvertently incur a negative impact on the growth of the housing market in the country.


While statistics show a distinctly higher rate of employment, there are gaping holes that cannot be immediately resolved. The re positioning of mid-skill level workers to high-skill levels may seem advantageous to companies, the polarization translates to a leveling out of growth among urban and suburban areas of business. This unlikely shift carries with it an unforeseen problem for the housing market, since it is far more difficult to build housing; especially entry-level ones, because of the rising costs of land.

The housing market for 2017 is expected to have two more rate hikes for this year, ending at a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage of 4.5%. According to the Federal Open Markets Committee, the year would end with a 30-year fixed rate mortgage or FRM of approximately 4.4% and even predict three more rate hikes before the year ends. At present, the mortgage rate has been kept at a steady and reasonable 4.2%.


Despite these forecasts, the current housing market for 2017 is continuing to flourish. So, for those of you wondering, “how can I sell my house fast?”, don’t worry, it’s still pretty easy.  Prices of homes have reached the national peak that was attained in the previous year, which some states have even surpassed. Indeed; on the positive side of things, the housing market is seeing a rise in the costs of homes and land due to the fact that jobs have continually been more centred.

Surprisingly, homes last spring were selling out faster than pancakes, making a leap to almost 9% in the month of March. This is a significant increase from March of the previous year, which saw the market plunge by at least 13 percent. This particular month has reached record heights with homes being sold quickly in shorter periods of time.

Consequently, there have been all-out bidding wars between prospective buyers and houses are being sold above the asking price. It is certainly a crazy year with rapidly-growing real estate markets in all venues across the country; some cities are even seeing a double-digit growth since last year. It is definitely going to be very difficult to purchase a house and lot as prices continue to soar.

The housing market for 2017 is hot and may remain in the same state for as long as businesses and industries continue to polarize employee skill levels and move into sectors of the city that are seeing immense growth in real estate.






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Moving Abroad – Taking a Look at the Housing Market in Germany

It is absolutely necessary to know German practices and terms as you are thinking of finding an apartment or a house in the country. If you are thinking of renting a two-bedroom apartment or a house, you should actually be looking for a Zimmer that is four rooms in Germany. There are furnished apartments but they are rare to get and will actually cost a lot more to rent.

Have in mind that when we say unfurnished apartment in this country, we are talking about completely unfurnished without closets, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes, so you will actually buy everything you need in this apartment even the proverbial sink, refrigerator, curtains, chair, beds, and every single thing.

It is quite advisable to hire the service of a lawyer or legal advisor before you place your pen on the paper to sign.

On the other hand, you will definitely be responsible for some things that are not spelt out.  Any agreement that is related to the rent of an apartment is not easily terminated except in some extreme cases.

The payment to the landlord is often done monthly. There are two parts of the agreement according to, which you cannot change until the contract or agreement is over. The two main parts of the agreement include; Umlagen or Nebemkosten.

Nebemkosten documents include the some things like the property tax, stairwell, trash collections and so on. If the price of Nebemkosten doesn’t change that means the Umlagen price will still be the same. The moment the price of Nebemkosten changes, the Umlagen changes as well.

There are a few more issues you need to be generally aware of when taking an apartment in Germany.

  • Avoid any form of loud noise between the hours of 1pm and 3pm and also 10pm to 7am
  • It is actually good to take inventory of every single thing that you placed in the house and any deficiency that you find in the apartment.
  • – There are some things that are different in some states. Some state now separate trash in a number of ways. There is a different bag for the metals and plastics, a different bag for the papers, one for brown and white glass, another bag for greens and the last bag is for every other thing else.
  • Any other unusual thing that you will like to dispose of like furniture, you might need to call the sanitary office to get that done.
  • If you are the pet loving kind of person, you will need to collect a report from the owner of the house. This will enable you take a pet of your choice.

There are different ways to get an apartment in Germany and some of the procedure is through the Immobilienhandler, and through a Real Estate Agent. There was a time when the person who needs an apartment pays the Agent, but now the house owner does the payment to the Agent. Another way is get an apartment is through the Newspapers and also through god old fashion word of mouth.

There are different prices that an apartment will charge, it just all depends on the house owner himself.

However, the responses of the Agent to you is quite fast, so there is practically nothing to worry about.

german real estate

Reasons why you should hire a real estate agent for buying or selling a home

Most of the customers are usually confused about whether they should hire a real estate agent or not. There is plenty of information available on the internet that people can take help from in order to buy or sell their home but they insecure without hiring a real estate agent.

Here we are going to talk about some important reasons that will make it clear for you that hiring a reputable real estate company like South Surrey Real Estate can help you stay secure and get extra benefits.

Education and Experience

Hiring a real estate agent is good for your personal benefit because you don’t have enough knowledge and experience about real estate and you can’t even learn everything just in the few days. Hiring smarter people than you, is a proof that you are smarter than them. You must research to find the right real estate agent.

There isn’t enough difference in the costs of real estate agents so we recommend you to hire the person who has more experience and knowledge in this field. Hiring the professionals allows you to make more of your precious time.

They have a lot of connections

Sometimes the agent may not know everything but the goal around which their job moves is to build a connection with everyone who can be helpful in the selling or buying process.

Your real estate agent builds a great relationship with different professionals such as home inspectors, real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, interior designers, home stagers and many others. You can take benefit of their services when you hire an experienced real estate agent.

They save you time

It might be one of the biggest purchases of your life if you’re going to buy a new home. And those who’re willing to sell their home will be willing to find the best quote for selling their home. You might not have enough time if you already have some lot more important things to take care of such as a job and a family.

Hiring a real estate agent can help you save a lot of time because real estate agents are determined to take your responsibility onto their shoulders. There are many things that are included in selling or buying a home such as holding up open houses, collecting the marketing materials, searching for homes that are suitable to your needs etc.

The real agents can help complete these tasks for you allowing you to save your time.

They act as middlemen

The real estate agent can talk to the home owner on your behalf because there are very important things that you need to consider before buying a home but you feel shy to ask yourself so that you may not insult the buyer.

Your agent will negotiate the best price for you by conveying your concerns in an appropriate manner.

Now that the importance of hiring a real estate agent is manifest to you, you should hire an agent to find a valuable solution to your needs.

german real estate

How a dining chair helped me raise the value of my home

Anyone who sells their home is always looking for the way to raise the value just a bit. Unfortunately, they’re not quite sure how to do it. Sometimes, all you need is just a piece of a trending furniture, and here’s what happens when you’re not even aware you have that in your house.

How Kyle (49) from Arlington, TX sold his house with the help of a dining chair

When I was thinking about selling my house, there were certain things I needed to do first. All that paperwork, meetings with a realtor, inventory listing, repairs, and checkings… It got me so exhausted, and I wasn’t even started!

a dining chair

But, I kept thinking about what I’m going to do with the stuff I don’t need anymore, especially some old dining chair that my mom used to love dearly. Surprisingly, it was still in a great shape but looked like mid-century, outdated. It had this curved seat with only one leg. Looked nice, but I kept thinking how it’s going to fit in with the rest of the design. Maybe that’s because I wasn’t familiar with the interior design, so every chair looked the same for me. But, I didn’t want to toss it off yet.

I asked my real estate agent first should I keep the chair and offer it to the homebuyer. She said, “Yeah, sure”, but wasn’t really interested. My wife and I decided to list it with the house.  Find out more at

How a dining chair helped me raise the value of the house

On the open house day, people would walk around looking. They didn’t look interested until they’d bump into the chair. I watched from the corner: every single one of the visitors would make a comment about the chair. I must say, that really got me wondering, what’s about the chair that, obviously, anyone can see but me?

I took a picture of the chair and googled it. That’s when I found out it’s a tulip chair, quite popular back in the 1960’s. As I kept browsing and researching, one of the visitors approached me and asked, how much I’m asking for the chair only. I said it comes with the house, so I didn’t think of the price. They looked a bit disappointed and said, “We were hoping to find one of those tulip chairs for our dining room since we’re into mid-century modern decor and stuff. We have three of the same kind, but couldn’t find that last one. Are you sure you’re not going to change your mind?”

a dining chairTold my wife what they’ve asked me, but she wasn’t into it. “We should leave the chair in the house. Who buys the house can get a chair”.

So, I got back to them and said, “I apologize, but the chair remains in the house. Whoever decides to buy the house, will get the chair, too”. They looked for a second, and the man said, “Okay, it’s a deal.”

It all went smoothly – they didn’t mind when the realtor raised the price a bit. She eventually found out about the tulip chair, so used it to make a more competitive offer. Frankly, we needed that extra buck on the price, so it came out perfectly. And who knew a dining chair would help me sell my house?