5 reasons why Texas is the best State for living

More people are moving to Texas now than any other state in the U.S. Natural beauty, low cost of living and friendly people, all are reasons for people to start their living here. Here are five reasons why Texas is the best place to live in America.

Cheap homes

If your income is not able to keep pace with the increasing cost of living, then you should go to Texas.The land is cheap there and so is the housing. A typical house in Texas costs $130, 100. Comparatively, an average home in Brooklyn costs half a million dollars.

Low living cost

Houston has cheap labor, cheap gas, and cheap produce. The per capita income of Texas is higher than California. It is the third highest average income in the entire nation.

Low taxes

There is no income tax in Texas. It collects about $3,500 in taxes overall per resident every year. California, on the other hand, collects $4,900 per resident and New York collects $7, 400 per resident. Both California and New York have income taxes.


It is true that automation is killing many jobs in Texas, but it is creating new jobs too. For example, 168 workers are needed to keep a Predator drone for 24 hours in the air. The new jobs that are created will be different from the old ones. For examples, medical technicians will let the software do the scans for body and brain. But the medical technician has to know about the limitations of the software.

Texas is the fastest growing states in America consisting of Austin, Dallas, and Houston which are the fastest growing cities in the world. So, you can move to Texas with your family to start a new life.

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