Carpet Cleaning Lessons For A Beautiful Home

Carpet cleaning can be quite a difficult fiasco, but can make all the difference in the world.  When you are looking to get a home ready for showing, the you need make sure everything is looking as perfect as can be in order to sell the home as quickly as possible.  One of the biggest mistakes I see homeowners make is leaving dirty carpets in a home when trying to sell!  This is an absolute NO!  Clean carpets are key to getting top dollar for your real estate investments.

Tips For Cleaning Your Carpet Right:

  • Make sure you use a high quality vacuum cleaner to get as deep as possible.  Dust gets way in there, so it’s important to have good suction.
  • Use soda water to clean stains out of the carpet, this helps a ton
  • don’t use things like ammonia or Clorox, as they are bound to worsen the situation.
  • When handling harsh chemicals to clean your carpet make sure to wear a mask

These tips can help give a real estate agent, or homeowner the utmost in power when negotiating price on a home.  Clean carpets, dusted ceiling lamps, and all the little things add up to be worth an immense amount of value when done right.  Clean Carpets equal happy customers.

Here are a few things to consider from the buyers perspective:

  • Are the carpets clean?
  • Do I have enough space in the garage?
  • How many dogs are going to be able to sleep in this guest bedroom?

The list goes on and on. For more resources on How to clean your carpet and get your home ready for showings then visit this tutorial at Caerphilly Carpet Cleaning, which has all sorts of information on home cleaning from real specialists.  We also have friends at Realtor.Com who had a great article on selling your home with clean carpets.

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