How to start a good fire in a fireplace

In the approaching winter, it is nearly impossible to live without having a heater at home it can be an electric one or an infrared heater or like the old fashioned way using logs and lighting the fireplace up and then heating the room. If you have a traditional fireplace, it is essential that you know to how to start the fire and also you should have the necessary things that are to be put inside the fireplace to keep the fire burning.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to have a perfect fire

The process of building a fire in a fireplace is done in 4 easy steps.

Save the ashes from the previous fire.

Ashes play a key role in helping the fire burn effectively . It also creates a hotter environment in the home. Make sure that you save the ashes from the last fire to create a fire bed for the present fire and that the ashes are one inch clearance between the ashes and the metal grill thus creating a perfect space for the air to fuel the fire from below and also to generate more heat.

Don’t put the logs on the fireplace floor.

This is the most important thing that you need to keep in mind before starting a fire, you have to have a metal grate to hold the wood from touching the ashes or the fireplace floor. You can also use andirons thus you can keep the wood off the ground and also create space for the air to flow underneath the wood. Thus it is essential to have a grate below the logs of wood.

Burn newspapers.

Make use of the news papers as a starter of the fire and don’t use and glossy paper or magazine papers or cardboard boxes as they will release harmful gases while they are being burnt. To create a good aroma while the wood is being burnt, you can add in a few dried orange peels that can be used in order to burn along with the paper; thus you will have a delicious and a sweet-smelling aroma from the fire place.

Sticks to make the fir much fiercer.

Thin sticks that which can be crisscrossed and laid on one top of the other will create a really good start for a much fiercer fires and it also makes the logs catch up fire quickly. These are the pros of using thin sticks but make sure that driftwood and the wood which has varnish on it is not a part of the wood as it will release poisons gases while they are being burnt.