Moving Abroad – Taking a Look at the Housing Market in Germany

It is absolutely necessary to know German practices and terms as you are thinking of finding an apartment or a house in the country. If you are thinking of renting a two-bedroom apartment or a house, you should actually be looking for a Zimmer that is four rooms in Germany. There are furnished apartments but they are rare to get and will actually cost a lot more to rent.

Have in mind that when we say unfurnished apartment in this country, we are talking about completely unfurnished without closets, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes, so you will actually buy everything you need in this apartment even the proverbial sink, refrigerator, curtains, chair, beds, and every single thing.

It is quite advisable to hire the service of a lawyer or legal advisor before you place your pen on the paper to sign.

On the other hand, you will definitely be responsible for some things that are not spelt out.  Any agreement that is related to the rent of an apartment is not easily terminated except in some extreme cases.

The payment to the landlord is often done monthly. There are two parts of the agreement according to, which you cannot change until the contract or agreement is over. The two main parts of the agreement include; Umlagen or Nebemkosten.

Nebemkosten documents include the some things like the property tax, stairwell, trash collections and so on. If the price of Nebemkosten doesn’t change that means the Umlagen price will still be the same. The moment the price of Nebemkosten changes, the Umlagen changes as well.

There are a few more issues you need to be generally aware of when taking an apartment in Germany.

  • Avoid any form of loud noise between the hours of 1pm and 3pm and also 10pm to 7am
  • It is actually good to take inventory of every single thing that you placed in the house and any deficiency that you find in the apartment.
  • – There are some things that are different in some states. Some state now separate trash in a number of ways. There is a different bag for the metals and plastics, a different bag for the papers, one for brown and white glass, another bag for greens and the last bag is for every other thing else.
  • Any other unusual thing that you will like to dispose of like furniture, you might need to call the sanitary office to get that done.
  • If you are the pet loving kind of person, you will need to collect a report from the owner of the house. This will enable you take a pet of your choice.

There are different ways to get an apartment in Germany and some of the procedure is through the Immobilienhandler, and through a Real Estate Agent. There was a time when the person who needs an apartment pays the Agent, but now the house owner does the payment to the Agent. Another way is get an apartment is through the Newspapers and also through god old fashion word of mouth.

There are different prices that an apartment will charge, it just all depends on the house owner himself.

However, the responses of the Agent to you is quite fast, so there is practically nothing to worry about.

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